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Current Email Address

Postby MadTaffy » Wed Apr 27, 2011 11:48 pm

Can you make sure your current email address is up to date, several reasons for this, the main one being to recover your password if you ever forget is done through your email, so no good if its an old one,

Also PM / Forum/Topic Subscriptions Email notifications etc...

I've had a couple of password requests because their email wasn't up to date and couldn't recover it the normal way and if you have it setup so the forum sends you any notifications if the email isn't current (out of date/closed) its sends the site a "Postmaster Delivery Failed" email back and i've had a few of these to,

In other words i know there are some members without a current email address attached to their acc. so sort it out :D plzzz.

To change your email go User Control Panel / Profile

Thanks Guys & Gals
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